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Owning a vehicle is a necessity for most of us. Making sure our vehicles are in great shape, having maintenance and body repairs done on time keeps us on the road and our lives moving along. But sometimes, it is difficult for people to trust any garage nearby as more than often these shops use, outdated equipment, faulty techniques and damage your vehicle in the long run. Therefore, to avoid such problems, visit Ram repair shops like Brooklyn Motors as they offer a professionally certified service with a life-time guarantee on all repairs completed.

Fort Lauderdale Collision is a place of trust and skilled artistry. We are a family-owned & operated business, licensed and certified since 1988. For more than 28 years, our company has taken care of the communities’ automotive needs. From our auto body shops, rental car centers, used car sales, lease return center, to our express service & parts center- we have done it all.

I-Car Gold Certified Auto Body Repair Shop

Bring your vehicle to our Ram repair center to receive excellent services for your Ram. Lifetime guarantee on ALL repairs. When the most up-to-date state-of-the-art equipment is used by trained and certified repair specialists, satisfaction is ALWAYS guaranteed.

What is a Certified Collision Repair Center?

Certified Collision Repair Centers have the right technicians, equipment, and tools along with the knowledge to get the job done right. For a timely, high-quality Ram repair, we recommend choosing ONLY Certified Collision Centers!

You may wonder why we are the best?

Our technicians have studied and trained using the most updated Ram equipment with the best software to ensure we are prepared for ANY repair. Detailed training from We have the authority to use genuine Ram auto parts.   After the repair, you’ll experience your car like it just arrived from the showroom.

We belong to a group of Ram auto body shops, that offers a warranty on any Ram parts we install or repair.

Ram repair shops like Brooklyn Motors are best because of our fast service. We try our best to deliver all assignments within the quoted deadline so that you are back on the road FAST!

Brooklyn Motors also offers around the clock assistance or service to our customers. Therefore, feel free to communicate with us if you are having any car problems and need immediate assistance. Our Ram auto body repair shop is here to solve all your car trouble. From precision frame straightening to minor scratch repair, a reputable Ram auto body shop will be able to provide expertise with a variety of services. Whether you’ve recently been in a serious accident or simply want to finally take care of some old little dents, you’ll want to be sure that you bring your vehicle to a body shop that has a demonstrable track record of customer satisfaction.  

Computerized Ram Frame Repair By employing computerized measurements, you can be confident that your vehicle’s frame will be returned as closely as possible to its pre-accident condition and manufacturer’s specifications.  

Paintless Dent Removal In this convenient technique, the service tech uses a specialized set of tools that allows the dent to be addressed from inside the car’s paneling, which means that the time-consuming process of painting can be bypassed. Not all dents will be eligible for this service, but smaller ones often will.  

Custom Ram Auto Painting From flames to fades, if you want your Ram to take on a unique appearance, you’ll want a highly-experienced expert to handle the job.  

Work with ALL Insurance companies After you’ve been in a serious accident, the last thing you need is the added stress of dealing with your insurance company in regard to your auto body repairs. It’ll be easier on you if you choose a shop that has the willingness and expertise to handle insurance dealings.

Our services are not limited to just Brooklyn, NY.  Our tow trucks are stationed throughout New York State as well as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut.  We have also had several customers ask us to have their vehicles transported to our facility from all over the USA, such as Florida, and California. If you are like most, your vehicle is a significant item in your daily life. When you are in need of an auto body shop, it is important to find a highly qualified place to fix your vehicle. It can be stressful to find a good body shop. Following, are 4 qualities to look for to complete your repair.   Experience and Expertise: It is important to find a body shop that has a considerable amount of years in the industry. You do not want to go to a shop that has very little history. In addition, expertise is critical. Technicians should be I-Car certified, which is considered the industry standard.   Customer Service: You should feel important when interacting with your body shop. They should explain the entire process to you. Furthermore, all rates and fees should be explained on your estimate. Consider your interactions with the employees. Are they courteous and professional?   Guarantees and Warranties: Your satisfaction should be top priority to your body shop. Any reputable company will guarantee their work. In order to ensure a high-quality job, the company should offer some form of warranty.   Complete Service: The body shop should offer a complete service to you. For example, they should be able to process your insurance claim.   Repairing your Ram should not increase your stress level. This is why a good and reputable body shop is important. By finding the above qualities, your body shop will meet your needs and expectations  

  1. No laws are forcing a shop to fix your car a certain way, and it is up to the technician to decide. Some shops cut corners to turn cars out faster.
  2. Your car manufacturer has specific guidelines on how to fix your vehicle. This information comes at a cost to body shops, so not all of them bother to look it up, and follow the procedure.
  3. Your insurance company may make you think you have to use the shop they recommend, and ultimately you have the final say, they have to pay.
  4. Your insurance company may tell you that they are not warrantying the repairs if you don’t use their preferred shop. This is false. The insurance companies do not warranty repairs, the body shop does. This is a scare tactic.
  5. Your car may get totaled even if the damage looks minor. Cars are more expensive to repair these days, and even newer cars are getting totaled at higher rates than in prior years.
  6. Your repair costs may seem higher than you expected. Typically, the body shop with the most lines on an estimate is the one who truly knows what it takes to fix your car correctly.
  7. Parts make a difference. There are a lot of aftermarket and counterfeit parts out there, and the insurance companies will try to push for aftermarket parts. OEM is always recommended, and you may have to pay the difference to get the best quality parts. Talk to your shop about the part being put back on your car.
  8. Rental cars may not be covered in your policy.
  9. Your vehicle may have damage to critical safety components. These may not show up as “idiot lights” on the dash. Make sure that your body shop has “scanned” your vehicle before you pick it up, and has recalibrated all sensors.
  10. You may be entitled to a diminished value payout from your insurance company following your collision repair. Ask your shop about filing a diminished value claim.