My car was damaged in an accident; What is the first thing I need to do?
If someone is hurt, obviously you will be calling 911.

If not, then the first thing you need to do is CALL FORT LAUDERDALE COLLISION AT (954) 491-3904 so that we may walk you through the next steps. If you need a tow truck, we will work with your insurance company to assist you with your tow.

We will help you file a report with your insurance company, obtain a claim number and confirm your deductible amount. You will want to know if your coverage includes a rental car during the time the car is being repaired. We will help you arrange for a rental car.
Can I come straight to your shop or do I need to check with my insurance company first?
You can call us at (954) 491-3904 and come straight to FORT LAUDERDALE COLLISION if you are able to drive your vehicle. If the vehicle cannot be driven, we will arrange for a tow truck to bring your vehicle directly to us 24/7. Our facility is a secure locked and gated location.

It is always your choice to pick your collision shop!

It is AGAINST THE LAW for an insurance company or adjustor to require you to go to a specific facility or collision center. They may recommend body shops, but ultimately you have the right to decide where you take your vehicle for repairs.

Make sure wherever you choose to go that the collision center is a MANUFACTURER CERTIFIED COLLISION CENTER for your brand of vehicle and that they use OEM parts.
How long will my repairs take?
Once your vehicle arrives at FORT LAUDERDALE COLLISION, the extent of the damage will be assessed by our professional technicians. There may be more damage than what is externally visible. The aggregate damage is a major consideration, and may lengthen the repair time, but we will always be honest about that time and we will keep you apprised as to the progress of your vehicle.

Fort Lauderdale Collision uses OEM MANUFACTURER CERTIFIED parts and we do not cut corners. At times, the availability of those quality parts is scarce and could delay the delivery of your vehicle by a couple of days. Your safety, however, is our top priority and we will not compromise by using anything less than manufacturer certified parts installed by a MANUFACTURER CERTIFIED collision center.
Does Fort Lauderdale Collision warranty their work?
Yes, FORT LAUDERDALE COLLISION has a lifetime warranty on all of our work, and we carry the manufacturer’s warranty on all parts. Our paint work has a lifetime warranty backed by FORT LAUDERDALE COLLISION and BASF, the largest chemical company in the world.